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Thought-force in business and everyday life

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Thought-force in business and everyday life
Titolo Thought-force in business and everyday life
Argomento Salute e benessere personale Auto aiuto e valorizzazione personale
Editore Youcanprint
libro Libro: Libro in brossura
Lingua inglese
Pagine 98
ISBN 9791221466102
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Di prossima pubblicazione
In most people's minds, the term Personal Magnetism conveys the idea of a current radiating from the person of the magnetic individual, drawing to itself all those within the radius of its magnetic force. This idea, although erroneous on the whole, nevertheless contains within it the germ of real truth. There is a current of attractive force radiating from man, but it is not a magnetic force to the extent that the term "magnetism" implies any connection with magnet or electricity. The human magnetic current, while having some resemblance to these two familiar forces in its effects, has no real connection with them as far as its origin or intrinsic nature is concerned.What we call Personal Magnetism is the subtle current of thought-waves, or thought-vibrations, projected by the human mind. Every thought created by our mind is a force of greater or lesser intensity, varying in strength according to the impulse given to it at the time of its creation.

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